Total Area:

Every citizen in the world deserves

his own warm home.

Total Area:

Titan Modern Prefab Villa with French Windows for the Young (TN-Bauhaus05)

Total Project Cost:
Total Area: 220sqm
Floor: 2
Bedroom: 4
Bathroom: 3
Living Room: 1
Dining Room: 1
Garage: 2

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I have thought for a very long time about what kind of life that young couples are yearning to at the present. I suppose, in terms of housing, young people longing for freedom, independence and personality are not only satisfied with a fixed abode, but also having enough outdoor space and holding open-air parties all night long with friends. Moreover, they are willing to have their spacious private space where they could enjoy solitude, read books, grow plants and get immersed in the ocean of love. Therefore, when designing this set of plan, I chose super large French windows so you could enjoy the sunshine and leisure in the afternoons and feel romance and warm during the hazy nights. The large terrace and balcony can be used to have fun outdoors, raise pets and grow plants. The design of 2 garages and more rooms will meet different requirements from different couples for lives. If you have other ideas, please feel free to tell me, because both of us want to realize your dream one day!

    Technical description

    1. Structural System: Light Steel Structure.            
    2. Manufacturing System of Light Gauge Steel: Samco System.            
    3. Main Decoration Materials:

    Coating Coating
    Culture Stone Culture Stone
    Fiber Cement Panel Fiber Cement Panel

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