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Total Area:

Reach for The Stars -- Titan Journey Home (TN-Casas 14)

We adopt asymmetric design on this plan. Slope roof breaks the feeling of restraint and provides ample indoor space. Double skylights creates a feeling of romance and makes it possible for the owner to view the star and moon light in the dark sky. This is where the name of the plan "Reach for the Stars" comes from.

Total Project Cost:
Total Area: 18.92sqm
Floor: 1.5
Bedroom: 1
Bathroom: 1
Living Room: 1
Dining Room: 1

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Though limited by the area and space of the tiny house, we never thought about giving up the basic functions as a home of Reach for the Stars. Keeping the faith to make use of all the three-dimensional space indoors and outdoors, we created a full functional trailer home: including living room, dining room, study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and storage. Not only did we arrange the complete living demand in the tiny home, also we realized the reasonable separation of wet and dry space, living and activity zone

    Technical description

    1. Structural System: Light Steel Structure.            
    2. Manufacturing System of Light Gauge Steel: FrameCad or Samco System.            
    3. Main Decoration Materials:

    Anti-corrosive Timber Floor Anti-corrosive Timber Floor
    Metal Roof Sheet Metal Roof Sheet
    Wooden Wall Panel Wooden Wall Panel

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