Total Area:

Every citizen in the world deserves

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Total Area:

Titan Victoria Style Luxurious Vintage Finca Villa (TN-Domus01)

Total Project Cost:
Total Area: 341 sqm
Floor: 2
Bedroom: 5-6
Bathroom: 6
Living Room: 2
Dining Room: 1

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In the spring's mornings, sunshine wake you up from pleasant dreams, and the scent of breakfast touches your taste. In the summer's afternoons, with the sounds of lazy birds and mottled shadow of trees. The fragrance of coffee that you make yourself comes across the kitchen and permeates the whole manor. In the autumn's dusks, with the cool breeze and falling leaves, you could take a walk with your lover in your back garden. In the winter's evenings, you could light up the fireplace, lay out the dinner, open a bottle of wine and get together with your family. After the meal, children have fun all around the house, while your parents lie down on the sofa besides the fireplace while they are taking a nap. Suddenly, you realize this is the manor life you have been yearning to for such a long time. For building the feeling like manors, I have tried my best to keep the Victorian architectural style which was prevalent in 19th century when I designed dwelling types and chose elevation materials. Warm tone roofs and exterior materials look more elegant against green plants. The design of more rooms and matching independent bathroom will meet your requirements for rooms' layout. Gyms, home theaters and recreation rooms are without any problem!

    Technical description

    1. Structural System: Light Steel Structure.            
    2. Manufacturing System of Light Gauge Steel: Samco or Framecad System.            
    3. Main Decoration Materials:

    Culture Stone Culture Stone
    Fiber Cement Panel Fiber Cement Panel
    Metal Stone Tile Metal Stone Tile

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