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Design, Production, Integration, Shipment, Guidance and Installation, Titan House will use all of our efforts to avoid every hidden problem and solve every puzzle which may happen in every single link until your project is complete.

As the golden supplier of Alibaba Group, we ensure our clients have the right to be served with Trade Assurance during the process of purchasing. All your worries and doubts, such as delivery time, quality of the goods and so on are all assured by Trade Assurance. Should any unfortunate accidents happen, items that are safeguarded by Trade Assurance, you can get 100% of your money back.   

Titan Online Trading Site:

1. Contents of Assurance
  • ser_trade1 Quality Assurance
  • ser_trade2 On Time Delivery Assurance
  • ser_trade3 Payment Security
2. Steps of Assurance
  • Draft an Order Draft an Order
  • Confirm the Order and Pay Confirm the Order and Pay
  • Delivery according to the Order Delivery according
    to the Order
  • Receive the Goods Receive the Goods
  • Leave a Comment Leave a Comment

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