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Titan House is here to provide a one-stop solution to build a reliable house.

1. Desgin

Titan provides integrated architectural plans, which include full sets of architecture design, interior decoration design, structural design and landscape design.

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    Plan Drawing Elevation Drawing 3D Model Design Landscape Design
    Architectural Design
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    Plan Drawing Elevation Drawing 3D Model Design Landscape Design
    Structural Design
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    Plan Drawing Elevation Drawing 3D Model Design Landscape Design
    Landscape Design
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    Plan Drawing Elevation Drawing 3D Model Design Landscape Design
    Interior Decoration Design

2. Production

Titan House possesses the most advanced production equipment of light gauge steel frames in the world. FrameCad system from New Zealand is perfectly fit for Australia clients while Samco system is original from the USA. Light gauge steel frames produced by Samco system are manufactured according to the building standards of North America. The accuracy of production can reach to millimeter. There won't be one more or less bolt needed during the installation. Each stud will be numbered clearly to ensure the convenience of installation.

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    Architectural Design
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    Structural Design

3. Integration

No matter if you come from remote islands or if you are located in developed countries, no matter if you have difficulties in integrating or you desire to be more economical and use qualified products, We, along with our finest suppliers in China, are here to reduce the needless links and give you the convenience of blue ribbon service.

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    Construction Components
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    Door & Window System
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    Heating & Cooling System
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    Ventilation System
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    Solar Panel System
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    Sanitary Appliance

4. Construction

Not only will you possess the full technical support when purchasing our prefabricated house from Titan House, but also full time after-sales service. You are able to learn the label and position of each light gauge steel stud in our structural blue print. You will get the detailed information of each bolt used in each joint; and specific construction method of boards, windows, doors, ect. All the guidance manuals embody our aim, with more than 80% of the construction work, which can be done by yourself even without any assistance of construction team. Just regard the house as a set of good-sized Lego blocks, prepare some snacks and drinks, invite some friends and enjoy the process of construction! Of course, we are here for your assistance at any time. Simply tell us about your problems by photos or videos, you will receive our solution within 24 hours. Or, you may also have our engineer to guide the construction on site so that you may release yourself of that responsibility while reducing the construction period and cost. Challenge or relax, it’s up to you!

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    Engineer for Guidance
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    Construction Team
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